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Pet-Safe Lawns


We want our lawns to be green – but also must make them safe for pets (not to mention children). And that’s not always an easy thing to do….there are also lots of myths out there.

Espoma Organic offers a free handout, Safe Paws Happy Laws Happy Pets 

Pet expert writes about advantages of organic lawnsHere’s what we know about lawns and pets:

  • The EPA estimates that Americans apply 90 million pounds of pesticides every year.
  • Every year the ASPCA receives tens of thousands of calls involving animal companions who’ve had potentially harmful contact with insecticides, weed killers and other garden hazards.
  • According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, cancer affects one out of every three dogs. Cancer has no known single cause. However, the ASPCA says that both hereditary and environmental factors can contribute to cancer in pets. A 2004 study of Scottish terriers found that dogs exposed to lawn and garden chemicals may have a higher risk of bladder cancer, as one example.

The handout lists commonly believed myths and factual solutions. I love this one, nearly common sense solution – for insect control, attract birds instead of relying on pesticides

Another myth: Organics cost more. Well, it may be slightly for starters. But according to a study by Environmental GrassRoots Education, once established, an organic lawn program can result in savings of more than 25% over a conventional programs. That’s because an organic program builds up the soil biology, which will, over time, sustain the grass with minimal input. So it’s less expensive to use organics in the long run. And it’s safer for all involved, most particularly dogs because their noses are in the grass.


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