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Pet Stores Show Desperation


Pet store misinformation from Park Pet Shop and the pet industry. This is their recent newsletter pleading for money. Now the lawyers are trying to make money off of animal cruelty. Their words in quotes and my replies to the mistruths in italics

“Dear clients of the Park Pet Shop, As you may be aware our industry is under constant attack, demonized and regulated for the sole purpose of eliminating our profession by radical extremists and extremists groups.”

STOP in the name of truth, right here. The movement to create laws to ban sales of dogs and cats at pet stores was totally organic, starting online and that’s where the movement continues to gain momentum daily. Truth is I – for one – belong to no ‘animal rights’ group, and I am hardly a ‘radical extremist.’ I just want to see animals treated better, and put a stop these horrific places which should NEVER operate in the U.S.  No responsible breeder will ever, ever sell to a pet store, so where are they getting these animals from?

While Best Friends has helped, it’s ordinary folks who first initiated the movement.

NO ONE wants to eliminate pet stores, that’s plain stupid. I love pet stores, and anyone with a pet does…I have a long proven history of supporting retail outlets and the industry.  The VAST majority of pet stores don’t want anything to do with selling dogs or cats.  ALL the pet superstores (Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus) never have sold dogs or cats, not one….And most boutique pet stores don’t either; these young owners agree it’s unethical.  The pet industry is fighting very hard mostly for a handful of big player stores (mostly found in shopping centers); the overwhelming majority of their members don’t sell dogs or cats for a reason. 

“We are currently underfunded, undermanned, and fighting a defensive battle. However the battlefield is level, for the most part, in the courtroom. We have achieved minor legal battles, in the courtroom, wherever we have contested the HSUS backed legislation banning puppy and kitten sales from professional, regulated and federally inspected breeders and brokers. Federal judges have quickly slapped injunctions against this ordinance citing the obvious constitutional clauses this ordinance violates. It is almost a certainty that this HSUS legislation will be overturned and once it is overturned our industry will not ignore these radical groups any longer. Our recent victory in Chicago and Chicagoland obtaining injunctions is financially costly.”

If the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is truly participating (I know they support – but their involvement is on-paper for the most part), they certainly aren’t working with me. Best Friends is actually the leader when it comes to supporting communities seeking to ban pet stores form selling dogs, cats, rabbits….So at least get your animal welfare groups straight. For years, HSUS has become an extremest group putting a bad taste in many mouths (mine included), for their extreme views and ways which they operate which are objectionable to many. So, if they are made to be the bad guys it is a way to rally support among many who assume the HSUS is wrong. I get the strategy. But it’s not the truth is the problem.  

And, by the way, lawyers assure me the injunction isn’t hardly a victory, it’s the way the U.S. legal system works. If a community passes an ordinance or law – it’s legal to go to court and determine if a court will find the objections legally worth hearing. That’s where we are at – there’s no victory. The court will determine if they deem their objections worth hearing. 

“We would appreciate any size donation to help continue the legal fight. Please find the link below to donate to help continue the Chicago effort and please feel free to pass this email along to any interested industry supporters. Thank you for your continued support throughout these past 54 years.” Jim Sparks, Owner, Park Pet Shop Inc. 10429 S. Kedzie Avenue Chicago, Il. 60655″

Well, the pet industry does have national dollars….but I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures


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