Pet Stores to Finally Stop Selling Puppies in Chicago; How to Feed Cats on WGN Radio


Ald. Brian Hopkins

With leadership from the Puppy Mill ProjectChicago banned the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits at pet store in 2014 but that hasn’t stopped a pawful of pet stores from doing it anyway, finding a way to sneak around the law. I talk HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio with Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins (2nd ward) who says enough is enough.

Hopkins says the pet stores “laughed” at the Aldermen knowing all along there was a way they may get around the 2014 ordinance by calling themselves non-profits and still selling the same alleged puppy mill puppies and for the same price of thousands of dollars.  He says, “The day our law passed is the day they went into plan B with these fraudulent not-for-profit phony rescue organizations.”

Hopkins clearly understands the issue, as he speaks so eloquently about what he wants to do and why. Hopkins is well aware of hobby breeders, and has no issue with those responsible breeders, and clearly is a fan of adoption and fostering from shelters and legitimate rescues.

Most veterinary professionals agree, which is why we founded Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills.

How to Feed Cats

Dr. Elizabeth Bales and I begin by chatting HERE about what’s wrong with the way we feed cats. This has nothing to do with what we feed our kitties, it’s how we’re feeding them.We’re thinking that cats eat like we do, or even like dogs do, and they do not.

Often, she ways, the way we feed our cats can cause stress, anxiety, behavior problems and even medical issues.

So, how should we be feeding cats? Dr. Bales explains and she also even created a product, which re-creates what cat might do in nature. These little feeders are called The Hunting Feeder. The idea is to search or hunt for them and then maneuver to get the food out.

Learn more about the Hunting Feeder.

Gorilla News

You can’t visit Mountain Gorillas now because of COVID


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