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PeTA Slammed Obama For Fly Snatching


You thought I was joking (according to private email and some Facebook Fan page comments) when I relayed that PeTA wrote me a nasty note several years back following a story I wrote on flea control. They maintained I murdered fleas. And they were right! 

ChicagoNow reader Moonweb reminded me that PeTA expressed anger with President Obama  when he killed a fly during an interview (several months ago).

I like insects too – I really do….but flies spread disease, as do fleas and ticks. I reach millions of readers, and have written many stories about flea and tick control (to better our pets’ lives and our lives). Yet the only ‘Save-the Fleas’ letter ever in 15 years came from PeTA.

The truth is that I admire the beauty and resilience of beetles, and other insects. I never kill bugs in the house…except mosquitoes (which kill more people than all reptiles combined), flies and if I were to find them – I’m dancing on that roach. And I make to apologies. But when moths, butterflies, bees, wasps, spiders – you name it gets in, I will open a window and herd the buggie out or pick it up and take it out.

Obama’s fast catch. PeTA complained. How many of us are actually impressed that he was able to snatch the fly from mid-air?

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