Pit Bull in Chains on Forever 21 Hoodie


A cool hoodie? Not so much. A pit bull looking dog wearing chains. That’s awful enough. But also a padlock? Why is Forever 21 perpetuating myths by even accepting such a product for sale?

I appreciate and respect the brand Forever 21. And it’s not likely that upper chain of command (play on words intended) has no idea or realize the problem.

And if for some reason, you don’t understand the problem. Dogs that look like dogs we call pit bulls (actually only mixed breed dogs in nearly all instances) suffer from a myriad of misconceptions, and also mistreatment as a result. Dogs that look like pits are often associated with gangs or gang culture. While this “look” is considered a cool by some, I suggest it is abhorrent. And believe that dogs that have this look are most likely to be victims of abuse. The myth is being supported that dogs with this look that perpetuates the myth that they are aggressive or are dangerous. For me this image goes beyond what might be called benign.

Please DO contact Forever 21 if you happen to agree. And SHARE this post in social media so Forever 21 feels the heat, as they should.

Forever 21 Facebook Page

Mr Do Won Chang, founder
Email: [email protected]

If somehow Forever 21 is committed to this product, I suggest the proceeds benefit pit bull rescue.


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