Pit Bull Shot by Chicago Off Duty Police Officer


These sorts of stories are difficult for me to post. I wasn’t there – I don’t know  what happened. It does seem like police officers – off duty or not – who are carrying a weapon might sometimes shoot first and ask questions later. Overall, I appreciate police officers, and don’t mean to make a judgment here. I really don’t know.

An off-duty Chicago police officer shot and wounded an 8-month old Pit Bull after it and another dog growled and advanced on him Thursday night on the Near West Side, according to the Chicago Police and a Chicago Tribune report.

According to the report, the dogs growled at the off duty officer as he was getting out of his car. He retreated – but the growling continued as a dog named Monster advanced on him.

The officer drew his gun and shot Monster, who later was euthanized at a veterinary hospital. A witness, a nephew, reported that the dogs were not threatening the police offer. The first dog – the dog who was shot – apparently managed to leave the yard by pushing open a gate. The second dog didn’t leave the yard until he heard the other dog crying. A neighbor told Liam Ford, a Chicago Tribune reporter that the dogs are around children a lot, and are not dangerous.

Zonia Borda, who lives across the alley from the Rodriguez family, said that she did not hear the dogs barking before she heard shots Thursday night. She said she looked out to see the officer standing near his back gate, and saw a dog that had been shot and was running toward Felipe Rodriguez’s back gate, crying.

Felipe Rodriguez was issued citations for having an unrestrained dog, a dog without a license and lacking proof of a rabies vaccination. He was due to appear at a city administrative hearing on Nov. 18.

Because the officer shot his weapon, the city’s Independent Police Review Authority is investigating. Will the police officer be charged? Some ask if that might have happened already if the dogs weren’t Pit Bulls, who are (erroneously) assumed dangerous. I don’t know.

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