Queen of Cat Behavior; Making Skunk Stink Go Away on WGN Radio


I love interviewing royalty, it’s quite the honor. On my WGN Steve Dale’s Pet World show, I had the honor to first curtsey and then interview the Queen of Cat Behavior, Pam Johnson-Bennett about how to encourage cats to get along with other cats. Listen HERE as I speak with Pam about her latest book, cat vs cat: keeping peace when you have more than one cat.

Most people don’t have one cat, on average most homes with a cat have about 2.3 cats. So cats can and do live with one another. The secret, says Johnson-Bennett, is introducing the cats to one another without making the resident cat feel “put out.” Meanwhile, she says, have the new cat live in a “safe room” for weeks at a time or longer. And when they do finally meet, take it gradual. Johnson-Bennett explains how to encourage the cats to like one another using bribery. So, what do you bribe cats with?

We talk about how Feliway, specifically Feliway Multi-Cat, can assist with issues regarding cats getting along with one another. There’s even calming music for cats. And there are nutraceuticals.

Let’s say you have three cats in the home, I ask about how many scratching posts and litter boxes are needed. And where those resources should be and why CHOICE is a big word in the world of cat behavior.

Johnson-Bennett explains why she finds cats so “fascinating.”

You Don’t Need to Hold Your Nose

If the dog gets skunked what do you do? The answer isn’t move into a new house, although that remains an option. Instead, Dr. Laura Haupert, director of Research and Development at Fresh Wave has a better plan, and she explains what that is and technically why skunk stink stinks so bad. Not only does the dog smell, but the entire house does – and Dr. Haupert has a solution for that.

Not as bad as skunk smell, but nearly as offensive when Aunt Betsy comes to visit is the smell of cat pee – and we chat about that too, and Dr. Haupert even describes why cat urine is indeed so offensive to us. We also talk about importance of blotting up any accidents, how you wipe away does matter.

Clearly, the more horrid it smells, the more excited Dr. Haupert gets.

New Proposed German Dog Laws

Imagine going to jail for not walking your dog twice a day.





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