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Quirky the Dog Seeks a Forever Home, Visiting WGN Radio


Dave Eanet romps with Quirky and Justin Kauffman looking on, WGN Radio

Dave Eanet romps with Quirky and Justin Kaufmann looking on, at WGN Radio. Rolling on the floor with Sports Director Eanet usually insures adoption! 

Here’s what happened when Quirky walked into WGN radio hoping to be adopted on October 22: He was mauled with love.

WGN employees ran out of their offices to see Quirky. And Quirky responded by literally rolling over with joy.

Pet expert Steve Dale on WGN radio adopting a dog from Chicago Care and Control

Quirky is a celebrity at WGN radio

However, despite that fact that he is a walking party, filled with love to give, Quirky has been at Chicago Animal Care and Control for about four months. That’s too long, especially for such a wonderful dog. When Quirky, who is listed as 6-years old, but is likely younger, isn’t making his own party, he’s cuddling. He’s a favorite of shelter workers and volunteers (and you can see why). Obviously he loves people, and also appears to like other dogs.

When we do an adopt-a-dog on The Steve Cochran Show on WGN Radio, we usually adopt the dog Quirky has, or whatever reason, not yet been adopted. We need to change that! Please help to spread the word.

Here are a couple of videos of Quirky just being Quirky at Chicago Animal Care and Control:

Quirky on WGN radio with Steve Dale

A great dog who is great fun with a great smile needs a great forever home


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