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Rare Chance to Chat with Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall on Twitter


Participating in the North American Veterinary Community Institute with boarded veterinary behaviorists Dr. Kersti Seksel (who turned me on to kitten socialization classes) and Dr. Karen Overall was the greatest learning experience I’ve ever had. And Dr. Overall is hand-down the best teacher I’ve ever had. Dr. Overall also participated in the book Decoding Your Dog, which I had the honor to co-edit.

I’ve attended more Dr. Overall talks at veterinary meetings than I can count. First, she is downright brilliant. She’s an extraordinary and impassioned speaker, who manages to both stick to absolute science while at the same time wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Years ago, a reporter who was interviewing me ssaid, “You talk about Dr. Overall with the same reverence as some might for Dr. Jane Goodall.” I said, “You bet.”

Typically, her talks are at scientific meetings – now here’s a rare chance to Twitter talk with her directly, Tuesday November 19 at 2 pm ET. Her handle:  @DrKarenOverall.


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