Rock Cats Between A Rock and Hard Place: Please Help Samantha Martin


Samantha Martin has dedicated the past many of years of her life to saving cats and traveling the country to bust myths so many have regarding cats. Arguably, busting those myths on stage has also saved lives, not to mention her support of local shelters around the country and personally saving many bottle-baby kittens.

Most of the cats Martin raises are destined to be show biz stars. People are so surprised to see her Rock Cats perform a rock ‘n roll concert, or cats walking on the high wire and performing in front of crowds at theaters around the country. Stephen Colbert is among Samantha’s fans.

with Samantha Martin

Martin has traveled from city to city with her feline artists on her cat bus, setting new expectations for cats wherever she goes – literally raising the bar.

She’s had some bumps along the way, including mechanical issues regarding the bus to her own significant personal health issues – but Martin has persevered.

Now, due to the pandemic, there are no audiences to thrill. And, sadly, like so many others – no dollars coming in. And some cats have had medical issues to attend to.

And the problems have begun to mount, from her longtime bus driver who allegedly scammed her and the non-profit she oversees. Martin writes this on a Gofundme page:

“In this time of worldwide emergency, I hope all of you are keeping healthy. I am trying to keep my spirits up, but I have been thrown into a level of depression and stress I can no longer hide. It brings me great sadness to report that Rock Cats Rescue, Inc., the nonprofit that oversees the AcroCats, was recently the victim of a scam. It was not long ago you helped me raise funds to repair our aging AcroCats bus. That money was stolen by a trusted part-time driver I had known for more than four years.”

She (and her cats) have performed on the radio with me several times. This interview and performance is from October 2017 at WGN Radio.

I know how sincere Martin is about her mission and now she needs help. Here is a gofundme page which is set up to provide that help.

Martin is also hosting a Meownation – a fun way to raise dollars.

It is finally here! You can watch the Amazing Acro-cats live, from the safety of your own home! Acro-cats, the movie.

This movie is over 1 hour and 20 minutes of the world famous Acro-cats jumping through hoops, rolling on balls, and the grand finale: THE ONLY ALL CAT BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD – The Rock Cats!

All proceeds benefits Rock Cats Rescue and the cat and kittens we care for.

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