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Round III Another Facebook Fan Page Supporting Dog Fighting, Tear Down that Page


I am nothing, if not persistent….Yet another fan page supporting of the legalization of dog fighting has gone up on Facebook.

Please do NOT check that you ‘like’ this post. Scroll down the bottom left where it says “REPORT PAGE.” And do that. And DO please cross post, and have your friends do the same. 

In part, because of my blog posts, the perpetrators have been removed twice. Clearly Facebook believes this sort of fan page is not within their guidelines. And it’s not, here’s the exact language from Facebook: “You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or
pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or
gratuitous violence.”

While, of course, they maintain free speech rights (and they should, anyone in America should); free speech online does not allow for inciting violence via the Internet, particularly if a felony is involved.

So, why are these folks persistently posting fan pages when they know they will likely be removed? Are they doing this attention? Or maybe this is a college student – say from the University of Connecticut who is pulling all our legs for a school project, or really feels dog fighting should be legalized. Are they joking or being serous (taken from their page)?
      “Dog fighting is good clean fun and a great activity to bring families
together for an evening of entertainment. The best part is there is an
abundant supply of FREE pit bulls available through your local shelter
and craigslist.”

I am apparently getting under their skin because at least two from the dog fighting page have joined my fan page. One wrote, We already have a new one. Find a new hobby buddy. Leave us and our dogs alone. (A new one refers to the new fan page, and the link is above).

I’m glad he opened a line of communication. Instead of name calling I want to understand the motivation here…If they seriously fight dogs, Or if it’s not really about dog fighting, then what is this really about?

One thing, for sure, the Fan Page should be taken down, again. And if there is a way, Facebook should be as proactive as possible to insure these people never re-appear, even if it means contacting law enforcement. 

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