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Roxy Spa at the Dale House: Traditional and Integrative Medicine Together


I talk about the intersection between  traditional veterinary medicine and integrative or alternative care HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio with Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice. and Dr. Natalie Marks.

Dr. Marks and Roxy

I talk HERE about the situation and dilemma I had with our cat Roxy. At 17 1/2-years old, she has pretty severe arthritis. We’re doing all sorts of things for her as suggested by Dr. Marks and also input from an internationally renown expert in veterinary pain management, Dr. Robin Downing. But I wanted to at least try to do more. But what could I do? And with COVID restrictions, how do I do it?

Dr. Marks suggested massage therapy, and I sought out a specialist member of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation,  Only one problem, Dr. LoGiudice is located about 30 miles southwest of where I live, and probably COVID restrictions might prevent her from seeing both me and Roxy simultaneously.

Dr. LoGiudace

We came up with some answers. First to show Dr. LoGiudace my cat at home using video recorded on my phone, so she can observe Roxy creakily moving around the house. Dr. Marks noted that using video is even be helpful to her, though she has known Roxy for more than half her life, as animals move differently in the vet exam room compared to their routine activity at home.

Then, using a plush animal Dr. LoGiudace demonstrated on a Zoom call where and how to massage our kitty.

We talk about why this collaboration of veterinary styles worked so well for me, and most of all for Roxy. We also discuss the benefits of massage and medically why the in-home cat spa helped.

While Dr. LoGiudice was a bit skeptical Dr. LoGiudace was pleased with the results, and Dr. Marks is hoping this use of technology and combined expertise may soon become a model, and even continue after the pandemic.

Watch Roxy do the pandemic obstacle challenge:

Is it a Catfish

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a catfish – nope, it’s a cat.

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