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Roz Varon of WLS-TV and her Save Da Hoomans dogs

Clinical trials is a term which now most of us know. But how do you partake in one? Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio conversation with Sara Serritella, director of Communications for the Institute of Translational Medicine,  lecturer at The University of Chicago and Director of the Save da Hoomans Campaign.

This is a collaboration among the top medical centers in Chicago to support breakthroughs in medicine, including promotion of clinical trials

The goal is to help people, and by doing that helping pets too.

This initiative is about supporting ways to beat everything from heart disease to breast cancer to COVID-19 to illnesses that humans and animals may both get (your participation can help pets and people).  Health research can range from trying a drug to just filling out a survey. This platform, Save da Hoomans, makes it possible for people to access a “” of clinical trials, and it’s totally free. You indicate on the website what you may be interested in supporting, based on your health and interests.

Serritella also talks about how pets are related to all this

Love and Friendship with Dogs

Taking the Lead Learning Through Love & Friendship with Dogs is a book that legendary Mexican veterinary behaviorist and my friend Dr. Moises Heiblum began, and his wife Rosa completed after his death. I talk HERE with his wife Rosa about how she completed the book, which is now available.  The book details Dr. Heiblum’s history and stories of individual dogs that he has helped, always using positive reinforcement.

In the book, which I contributed to, I wrote, “What excited Moises most is whatever the next new thing might me.”

Cats and a Vaccine for COVID-19

Why in the world might there is a clinical trial for cats to receive a COVID-19 vaccine?

A Police Dog Hero Named Arlo

Arlo recovering as a hero in Washington. 

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