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Sentenced for a Decade in Jail for Dogfighting


Dogfighting is a felony. However, because the crime isn’t often taken seriously, and because our prisons are too filled – most often, in my opinion, the penalty doesn’t fit the horror of the crime. Dogfighting isn’t only a crime against dogs, often times children are dragged in. When that happens kids are desensitized to violence.

why are dogs at fault when this happens?

Dogfighting is a crime against communities. And people who fight dogs are nearly always involved in other crimes. Maybe this will not set a precedent for other judges across America.

In Richmond, VA, a dogfighter was sentenced to spend 10 years in jail. Circuit Judge Beverly W. Snukals
had been down this road before with Richard E. Robinson, and she
selected probation as his punishment. This time, she handed down one of the stiffest prison sentences ever imposed in the U.S. for dogfighting.

On March 18, Snukals ordered Robinson, 33, to spend 10 years behind
bars for his convictions on three felonies and one misdemeanor related
to a dogfighting operation at his South Richmond home. And Snukals also ordered Robinson to pay nearly seven thousand dollars in fines and restitution to local animal care and control. And Robinson is prohibited from ever owning a companion animal for the rest of his life.

In May 2005 Robinson was
convicted in another dogfighting case and was then given a
five-year term, but Snukals suspended all five years and ordered him instead to
serve five years of supervised probation.Robinson was arrested again last June, eleven months before that probationary term was to have ended.

Maybe this precedent will sway other judges around America. Also, I hope public officials (are you listening Elgin, IL?) will understand the bad guys are the problem, not the dogs – who are victims of this violence.

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