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Shiba Inu Mistaken for a Coyote – Hard to Believe


A dog was let loose into the woods by a local animal shelter because an employee at the shelter thought the dog was a coyote. Hardly, a coyote, the dog is a Shiba Inua.

Lori Goodlett told The
State-Journal her pet of 11 years disappeared from her fenced back yard
on July 3. It was after she put up posters that a police officer in Frankfort County, KY
recognized Copper as the dog he had taken to the shelter.

Shiba Inu (a dog breed that originated in Japan)

A shelter
worker later called police and said it had to be picked up because
coyotes weren’t allowed at the shelter. The department had turned the dog loose behind a home improvement store after consulting with a
wildlife expert who said coyotes were nuisance animals and should be
returned to the wild or killed.

Coyote (Canis latrans) – a wild canid native to North America.

This is astounding …. but it gets worse: The Frankfort Humane Society board chairman John Forbes said he backs the shelter’s decision. According to an AP story at, Forbes said, “Our manager assessed the animal to be a coyote, then it is against the
law for it to be at the shelter. We rely on the people who work there.”

For the record, Shiba Inu’s might be confused to be foxes, I suppose, but not coyotes – at least by anyone who knows canines.

If the dog have been microchipped – this entire event, including what might be the death of a family pet, would have been prevented. 

Fortunately, the officer had the foresight to photograph the dog. Police and volunteers are helping Goodlett search for Cooper and have set cages in hopes of capturing her.

Still, Godlett said, “I know in my head Cooper is gone for good, but it would be nice to think some nice family found her and took her in.”

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