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Singing Mice: Animal News


People defend themselves with weaponry. Scientists have discovered that at least two species of mice have a totally different strategy, they sing.

Anyone with pet rats or mice know they make all sorts of vocalizations…of course, most species on the planet do. Our cats purr, and we know the chirping of birds – which we call singing….but when it comes to defending their territories birds tend to scream and not sing.

It turns out that at least some mice sing.

Songs consist of a set of rapidly repeated notes, called trills. Notes are produced each time an animal opens and closes its tiny mouth, roughly 15 times per second.

And the songs vary, so mice who live in the jungle of the Amazon may sound one way.

Mice in Detroit have also been studied – and they sound another way.

I’m not sure how mice in Chicago might sound.

But next time you hear a mouse sing – you’ll know why.


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