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Spring Showers Bring Mosquitoes and Heartworm in Dogs


Indeed April showers may bring flowers, but it also brings mosquitoes – and this season experts suggest will exceed a “usual number” due to most of the nation experiencing an extremely wet Spring. Listen HERE to my conversation on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with Dr. Nora Grant, technical services manager at Ceva Animal Health.

No wonder dogs get so sick, even die of heartworm

Mosquitoes deliver microfilariae or baby heartworm into dogs. Heartworm preventives do prevent (nearly always) the baby heartworm from developing into full blown spaghetti-long heartworm which can strangle a dog’s pulmonary system. However, experts now suggest that these baby heartworm even cause damage. While it’s important, and potentially life-saving that they don’t develop into full grown heartworm, it’s even better for a dog not to be bitten in the first place.

Grant says another issue is that in specific places some strains of heartworm aren’t responding to usual heartworm preventives.

For people to deal with malaria and the Zika virus (where prevalent) the World Heath Organization and the Centers for Disease Control say, use a multi-modal or ‘Double Defense’ approach. Grant suggests with Vectra 3D we can do the same to protect dogs against heartworm by deterring mosquitoes from biting. As a bonus Vectra 3D also (quickly) kills fleas and ticks. 

Grant says to continue using a product to prevent heartworm that works from inside the dog, meanwhile ask your veterinarian about adding Vectra 3D which works on the outside of the dog as a kind of mosquito force-shield.

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