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Steve Dale is Guest on the Purr Podcast


I had SO much fun talking with Dr. Jolie Kirpensteijn and Dr. Susan Little on their Purr Podcast.

Listen HERE.

Cat vet Dr. Susan Little turns lizard vet, with our Northern Blue-Tongue Skink, Cosette

Two veterinarians I so much respect, and they interview me!

Dr. Little, in particular, I’ve been friends with for perhaps 20 years. I’ve interviewed her dozens of times, and now she’s asking me questions.

I don’t often talk about these stories…..How elevators have been the bane of my existence.  Chicago radio geeks may recall the name William C. O’Donell (father of actor Chris O’Donnell), and I tell how he fired me an an elevator, or he tried to. I also talk about how I made radio history, hosting my WGN Radio show as I was trapped in an elevator in my building many years later.

I talk about my co-authoring a chapter for Dr. Little’s book “The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management.” And that chapter happens to be about kitten socialization classes, which I love to teach and support others to teach.

We chat about how millennials are actually looking for ways and reasons to see the veterinarian, but also to consider their pets’ emotional health and well-being.

Ricky at the keyboard

Ricky the cat not only changed my life, but also adjusted the impression millions at had about cats.

Sadly, Ricky – while he became a TV star – and I talk about why….died suddenly of a heart disease called feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Via the Winn Feline Foundation Ricky Fund, we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn more about the HCM.

So much of what we know about HCM, I am proud to say the Ricky Fund has made possible. Still, there’s much more we don’t know. As there is no treatment for HCM, at least not yet. One day, I hope, there will be.

For over 50 years, the Winn Feline Foundation continues to support nearly all we know about funding cat health studies. Thank you,  Purr Podcast.


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