Steve Dale Offers Thanksgiving Day Pet Safety Tips

Pet expert Steve Dale Thanksgiving pet safety video


Happy Thanksgiving to the entire family, even those with four legs (and feathers and scales). Here are five Thanksgiving Day pet safety tips:

  1. Too much human food and/or fat or skin on the food can cause GI upset or worse, potentially dangerous pancreatitis
  2. Bones can cause an obstruction and require potentially life-saving surgery.
  3. Behind a closed door you can feed your dog a Thanksgiving dinner of his/her own, Vitabone Artisan Inspired Turkey Stuffing and Cranberry flavor biscuits. Really….They DO smell like Thanksgiving day dinner, and they’re safe (assuming the dog doesn’t scarf down the entire box all at once).
  4. For pets feeling the stress of Aunt Rose and Uncle Buddy, seclude them in a room of their own with calming music and pheromone diffusers (Adaptil for dogs, Feliway for cats).
  5. For those crazy relatives – watch the video for my unique ‘solution.’

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