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Steve Dale's 'Good Dog' and 'Good Cat' Ebooks


Here’s the official announcement:

After 17 years of writing a twice weekly pet column for Tribune Media Services; so TMS and I have decided to compile some of the best of my Q & A columns into two Ebooks, “Good Dog” and “Good Cat.”

Each book will be available before Christmas – with “Good Dog” released in early December.

“Good Dog” will also offer (for those with an IPad) an enhanced version with embedded videos; not only do I tell you how to take steps to solve some behavior problems, you’ll see how to do it.

The amazing thing about Ebooks is how inexpensive they are. “Good Dog” and “Good Cat” are $2.99 each, and the version with the enhanced video $4.99. Pretty cheap, I think, for any book.

While my Q & A columns include all things pets, each book focuses only on behavior questions and answers…with many common and not-so-common behavior questions, often times answered by the top behavior experts in the field. I’m honored that so many of the greats of animal behavior have participated in answering, helping me to help people and their pets for so many years.

What’s more – check out the superstar names who helped with these books; I’m even impressed….

The Preface for each book was written by the most trusted person in America, Betty White. She didn’t just write a line or two for the back cover, she really wanted to participate in any project which she knows will help animals. Betty wrote, “ Steve’s answers save lives and help us take better care of the animals we love. 

For nearly 17 years, Dr. Sheldon Rubin has been checking my columns for medical accuracy – only my editor (Stacy D.) better knows what I’ve been saying. Aside from helping countless pets in his office, Dr. Rubin has himself been reaching out to the general public through the media for many decades.  Aside from his absolute skills as a veterinarian, he’s a superb communicator; and I’m pleased to call him a friend.

Two friends – one a friend for 17 years, and another a relatively new friend, authored the book’s Forewords.

Pam Johnson-Bennett for “Good Cat”  Pam is a certified cat behavior consultant, and the top-selling cat book author in the country. She’s also been a mentor to so many in this field, yours truly included.

Victoria Stilwell for “Good Dog” At a time when we needed it most, here comes a long a woman who says, you can train your dogs most effectively through motivation; you don’t require intimidation – and she’s showed us on It’s Me or the Dog, from Animal Planet.

I’ve contributed Forewords and Introductions for many books in recent years, but it’s been a while since I’ve authored my own….and there’s no more important topic.

Behavior problems are sometimes a point of curiosity – questions from these books range from a cat scratching at the flat screen TV when Justin Bieber comes on to sing (I called it, ‘Cat Scratch Bieber’) to a dog who circles repeatedly around the food dish before eating….to more serious problem issues, including aggressive dogs and cats urinating outside their litter boxes. It’s these more serious problems which accounts for countless pets given up to shelters (or with cats, sometimes just let out to fend for themselves).

I wish I had kept all the email over the years….dozens and dozens of folks who told me I solved their problem, or that with my encouragement to visit a qualified professional the problem was soon rectified ….and how ultimately, I saved their pet’s life. Nothing is more gratifying.

My hope is that in putting all these questions and answers in one place, more people and their pets may be helped.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a friend, co-workers, relative, neighbor – or for yourself, I hope you think about these two books.


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