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Steve Dale's Other World


A new podcast, called Steve Dale’s Other World is scheduled to begin soon (airing on Itunes and WGNPlus).

Twice monthly, I will interview people you may not expect me to talk with…having nothing necessarily to do with pets…and in each interview I will bring you behind closed doors, as you eavesdrop on my conversations with old friends.

Here are the first three shows:

*The Producers: What the heck do radio producers do? And what do they really think and talk about behind-the-scenes? I sit down with three of my ex-producers – who are all doing great now at WGN, Kristin Decker (you hear her talk about shiny hair), who is the station’s social media queen; Mike Stephen, host of Outside the Loop Radio Saturday mornings; and Dan Sugrue, now longtime Nick Digilio producer, after producing legendary Steve King and Johnnie Putman.

*I Love Lucy: I got to actually know Lucille Ball. I talk about what she was really like with a friend who should know, Lucy’s longtime secretary Wanda Clark. So much has been written and said about Lucy. There’s even a movie of her love story with Desi in the works (to star Cate Blanchett). What’s true? What’s not so true? And, yes, we do chat about the various Toy Poodles Lucy had named Tinker. Lucy fans will hear some Lucy stories for the first time – even when you’ve thought you’ve heard them all.

*Holy Cow: He’s a leading restauranteur in America, and most definitely in Chicago, Grant DePorter of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group. I’ve known Grant for a very long time, as I once actually wrote about restaurants. Grant talks about his rather unusual childhood, growing up in a hotel. And how the first Harry’s restaurant came to be. Totally fascinating stories. Also, what his pals Harry Caray and Ernie Banks were really like, insight that you’ve never heard before, I’m sure. Also, about the growing sports memorabilia collection at the Chicago Sports Museum (at Water Tower Place).


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Steve Dale is a certified animal behavior specialist who has been a trusted voice in the world of pet health for over 20 years. You have likely heard him on the radio, read him in print and online, and seen him speaking at events all over the world. His contributions to advancing pet wellness have earned him many an award and recognition around the globe.

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