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Stop Facebook Page To Legalize Dog Fighting


Now this is downright sick. There’s always a concern about giving publicity; it can be like throwing more fuel to the fire….but a Facebook Fan Page to Legalize Dog fighting is going too far.

This is a real face of what dog fighting looks like. Of course, it’s illegal. Of course, it’s a felony.

Here’s the exact page description: Legalize dog fighting. Pets are not people. They are your pet.
something you own. If i’m not mistaken when you own something you can
do what you want with it.

Dog fighting is a felony in every state. We know violence begets more violence – and that means wherever there’s dog fighting law enforcement tells me there are always other crimes. Of course, the animal cruelty that goes on is barbaric. Maybe Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who’s been proactive to get prostitution posts off Craig’s List can help. He’s also been proactive about combating dog fighting.

I’m calling for all of you to be proactive. It’s easy – go to the link (please do not join the fan page – as some well meaning people have)….then at the bottom left hand corner where it says Report Page, please do that!  (and spread the word!- just pass this link on)

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