Sully Bush Mourns the Loss of President Bush


If an image tells a thousand words – this one is it as Sully Bush mourns.

THIS is the human-animal bond.

President George Herbert Walker Bush’s service dog, Sully, lays by his companion’s casket.

Sully doesn’t know or care that Bush 41 was a good President or not, or what his legacy will be. Dogs only see what is in our hearts, not our wallets or political affiliations. Sully is despondent over the loss of his best friend.

And yes, dogs do mourn, as Sully Bush mourns. If you are reading my blog, you likely understand that dogs have emotions very much like our own. But still many people don’t believe this. Just show them this picture.

According to printed reports, Sully will continue his role as a working dog rather than be kept as a pet in Bush family.

The dog was gifted to the Bush family by America VetDogs, a non-profit that provides service dogs. It’s ironic that President Bush 43 was greatly responsible for the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). which among other things allows service dogs privileges and rights.

In his final months, there’s no doubt President Bush was loved by his close knit family and admired by millions but loved by one canine soul unconditionally in a very special way.

The Bush family have always been dog lovers, surrounded in the White House by English Springer Spaniels. In fact, Barbara Bush wrote a book about one such dog, Millie’s Book. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Bush when she was on a junket to promote the book, and she really seemed to like the fact that I had nothing to say about politics and everything to say about dogs. She said, “You really love dogs don’t you? I can tell.”

In 2013 George W Bush  wrote this touching eulogy regarding the loss of his Scottish Terrier, Barney.

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