Susana Mendoza Supports Task Force on Pets


with Susana Mendoza (l) and Cari Meyers of the Puppy Mill Project

It’s true, for the second consecutive week, Chicago Mayoral Candidate Susana Mendoza was a no show for my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show. And you can hear that I’m a bit annoyed. After all, this is I believe the first time a guest is a no show two weeks in a row, and I’ve been on WGN 21 years. Having said that, it’s also true thatMendoza offered a reasonable explanation, and apologized. If she’s in the run off, I have do doubt she’ll be on the show.

What’s FAR more important is that like Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas (notably the first to make this commitment), she agrees animal advocates know far more than she does on such issues and will support a Task Force of experts that reports directly to the Mayor.

As it happens, Susana Mendoza does know about animal issues – at least some of them. I worked with her and the amazing Cari Meyers of the Puppy Mill Project on the ordinance that bans the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in Chicago. Now, there are over 200 municipalities. several counties including Cook County and two states – California and Maryland – that have restrictions on pet store sales. If you don’t know, this is because of where those pet store animals are sourced, who are mass producers. No responsible breeder sells to pet stores.

Sadly, in Chicago a couple of unscrupulous and tricky pet stores have found a way around the ordinance. Mendoza told me that she promises to close that loophole if she is Mayor. Of course, that’s ultimately up to Aldermen – but except Alderman Ray Lopez – it seems there’s overwhelming support for this.

Other Odds and Ends

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I answer a text regarding how shelters may not allow adoptions unless you have a backyard. And how plain stupid that is for so many reasons.

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February is Pet Dental Health Month.

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