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Take Your Dog To Work Day


It’s the first Friday after Father’s Day – you know what that means, right? It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Of course, this year it’s a bit different. Many with dogs have been celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day every day because we’re working from home. From the dog’s perspective, maybe it’s Take Your Human to Work Day.

At the office – we know that having dogs there can lower our stress, and provide a distraction, a reason to clear your head to take a (short) walk. If you leave for three hours to give your pup a walk, that’s another story.

Most people enjoy (well-behaved) dogs at the workplace, which can increase camaraderie.  A study actually did show that dogs in the workplace is truly a perk for many, increasing job satisfaction and retention of employees you want to have stick around. And with positive interactions, like just petting a dog, it’s a little thing we do which is responsible for a big change in positive endorphins.

Another advantage is that if you repeat office gossip or share nasty words about your boss, it’s pretty much assured that your dog won’t repeat it to anyone. One co-worker you can always trust is your dog.

Purina has provided eight ways to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Maybe one way to entice employees back to the office is to make every day Take Your Dog to Work Day. Here’s a tool kit from Purina.

After all, according to a recent Banfield survey, 69 percent of survey respondents say one reason people don’t want to return to the office is that they will miss working with their pet nearby. Add to that 20 percent who suggest they prefer working side by side with their pets at home, compared to their previous human co-workers.


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