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Temple Grandin – Watch the Movie!


Clare Danes called Temple Grandin an inspiration after her win at the Emmy Awards, portraying the animal and autism activist. The HBO film, “Temple Grandin” was critically acclaimed, and received seven Emmy awards,
including Outstanding Made For Television Movie, and Danes for Outstanding Lead
Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.

Claire Danes and Temple Grandin celebrate an Emmy Award

I finally saw the movie last night (available as a rental on Net Flicks, and video stores), and wow – so inspirational indeed. After all, circa 1960, it was was common to institutionalize autistic children. Imagine all the kids who never did get a chance. Tragic really.

Not only has Grandin helped us to better understand autism, her contributions to American farming systems are profound.  Because her mind is a door that opens with pictures, she’s able to visualize what will work, and be most humane. A genius? Probably, yes, she is.

I cherish my recent interview with Temple, and also Tim Amlaw of American Humane Certified Farm Animal Welfare program for my On Demand WLS Radio Podcast. Just click the link and you can listen on your computer or download into an Mp3 player (free).

Temple Grandin


These days, Grandin serves on an Advisory Board for the American Humane Association, offering views and science on best practices for animal welfare. And she continues to write. Her most recent book is a must read, “Animals Make Us Human,” which she offers good science to describe animal emotions – from cows to horses to pigs to dogs. While various species express emotions differently, she demonstrates that they all have emotions – just as we do.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I encourage you to do so! 

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