Texas Supreme Court Upholds Previous Cat Killer Ruling


 A ruling from the highest state court in Texas that reaffirms the decision to punish Dr. Kristen Lindsey, the veterinarian who cruelly shot Tiger the cat through the head with an arrow in 2015 and bragged about it on social media.

The Texas Supreme Court today (May 30) rejected Lindsey’s request to appeal her punishment, in which a state board in 2016 decided to suspend her veterinary license for one year and placed her on probation for four years. This meant she was legally allowed to resume practice under supervision starting in October 2017.

Lindsey specifically posted the image of the cat with an arrow through his head on Facebook with her words, “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head. Vet of the year award … gladly accepted.”

Quickly, back in 2015 after the social media posting, the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners and others, including Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (Lindsey’s alma mater), condemned Lindsey’s actions. Lindsey was promptly fired from the Washington Animal Clinic, where she had been employed. Also welfare organizations, like Alley Cat Allies, and hundreds of shelters and rescues worldwide responded with dismay.

Dr. William Folger’s testimony made headlines, including his determination that Tiger was still alive when the infamous Facebook photo was taken of Lindsey smiling ear-to-ear holding Tiger, Folger, a feline veterinarian in Texas, explained why he believed Tiger was then alive. “The post mortem changes had not yet occurred; a right foreleg was pronated (turned inward) and forearms up too high for the cat to be deceased,” he told me. “I knew this and spoke to an internationally renowned expert in veterinary forensics prior to the administrative hearing. It was not possible that the cat was dead.” Folger did add that it’s very unlikely Lindsey thought the unconscious cat was still alive.

I any case, it’s unlikely that Lindsey or her attorneys will pursue further.



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