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Proceeds of poetry book from Elizabeth Wagner benefit icatcare


Author Elizabeth Wagner for icatcare

Elizabeth Wagner

It’s a well known fact: Poetry is best with cats. A brand-new poetry book The Poetic Mews: Cats and Their Poets written by Elizabeth Wager, is being sold in support of the charity International Cat Care (iCatCare).

This is so ideal for the literary cat lover, a beautifully illustrated (Gloria Cavicchioli) poetry book which features a wonderful collection of poems. The book tells the story of some of history’s literary giants through their cats. The collection features twenty beautiful and highly entertaining poems, taking the reader on a historical romp from Beowulf to Dylan Thomas via the likes of Shakespeare and Milton.

If Ogden had a cat
Rhymes for tabby
Tend to be flabby
But verses on tortoiseshell
Definitely oughtasell

Clearly, this collection is purrfect holiday gift for any cat lover. The book’s author, Elizabeth Wager, is definitely not your usual kind of feline poet! She is a science writer with her own publications consultancy and has a self-confessed obsession with the English Language. And I do mean English language – after all, she’s from the UK. And iCatCare is based in the UK. iCatCare is a non-profit with a mission to engage, educate and empower people throughout the world to improve the health and welfare of cats by sharing advice, training and passion.

The Poetic Mews: Cats and the Poets is available for £9.50 ($12.45 in U.S. dollars) from the International Cat Care online shop:


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