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Trendy Pets, Llamas & Chickens: Animal News


The trendiest pets in America aren’t exactly what you might expect. One is a very quiet choice, but likely not so much for apartments – llama’s. Their popularity has increased to over 115,000 in recent years according to the llama registry. Fans say llamas bond with people, and are affectionate. While they may not curl up in bed with you (I hope), they will offer affection. One downside is that you can’t have just one – they’re social animals who require others of their own kind. Llama breeders have been known to pay as much as $30,000 for a top-quality male, but a regular pet llama can be had for less than $500.  I’d want that – I’d hate to have an irregular llama.

The other trendy pet – chickens….even in the big city –though all big city zoning laws may not allow for hens, and certainly not roosters. Fancy chickens comes in all sorts of varieties – not too different than dog or cat breeds. At least you’d have fresh eggs in the morning.

Here are some important questions:

What Do You Get When You Cross A Chicken With A Guitar? 
A Chicken That Makes Music When You Pluck It!

What do you call a chicken crossing the road? 
Poultry in motion.

Psychiatrist: What’s your problem? 
Patient: “I think I’m a chicken”
Psychiatrist: “How long has this been going on?”
Patient: “Ever since I was an egg!”

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