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Use My Name and Save Money for Meow Meetup Chicago


In my lifetime, I never thought this could happen. I can save people money. A veritable conclave of cat lovers hit the Chicago area for the Meow Meetup Chicago at the Donald Stephens Convention Center, July 21-22.

Type in my name Steve Dale HERE as a magical discount code, and you’ll save five dollars on your registration.

I suppose Catnip Times (the New York Times of the cat world), the event’s organizer, is doing this because on Saturday morning I am the keynote speaker, as I talk about why I call cats ‘the Rodney Dangerfield of pets.’


However, whatever little star power I have will be outshined by Lil Bub, who appears at the first ever Meetup at 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.both days. And after a catnip break, again at 4 p.m., a very special presentation, “The Story of Lil BUB.”

Lots of other celebrity cats will be there, including Chuck the Duck and Chicago’s own Sinbad the Survivor.

This event includes support from the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Association of Feline Practitioners. Leading veterinarians will speak at the Meet Up, including veterinary behaviorist and Cubs fan extraordinaire Dr. Melissa Bain, who will speak on several topics including enriching environments, meeting environmental needs for indoor cats to stimulate their senses.

Providing for environmental needs of cats is extremely important for the health of cats

On Sunday, Becky Robinson, co-founder of Alley Cat Allies is the keynote speaker. Her talk will focus on the too often forgotten community cats.

You haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed cat navigate an agility course. Just hope no one on the sidelines opens a cat of tuna.

cat agility

You can check out the cat cafe with adoptable cats from Almost Home Foundation (the goal is to adopt 100 cats over the weekend) and there will be kitty yoga, Kitty BINGO and cat videos with social media cat stars Cole and Marmalade as the featured acts – a sort of ‘best of C & M.’

The International Cat Association (TICA) will be there with more adoptable cats, and talk about how to show off cats so they DO get adopted.

I have always liked the idea very much of ‘cat conventions,’ bringing crazy cat lovers together. This is more than just a fun and entertaining event, it’s also about education – even involving veterinary organizations, and I will speak about the work of the Winn Feline Foundation (which funds cat health studies and give away some Winn 50th anniversary books).

If you don’t attend (it’s certainly affordable – and now even $5 off using my name as a discount code), it will be a CATastrophe.

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