Veterinary Giving Tree: Help If You Can


Beckie Mossor

Beckie Mossor, a registered veterinary technician based in North Carolina and executive director of the Human Animal Bond Association, is a human light bulb. Whenever she has a bright idea – and she has a lot of them – and trusted colleagues says “go for it.” She indeed does go for it. Seeing the need for a worldwide conference during the pandemic, in May, she helped to launch Vet Team Global Stream which was a huge success.

Mossor says, “I watched a video produced by the Boys and Girls Clubs asking kids if they would rather get a present or if their parents could get a present – what choice would they make? And every kid chose to give a present to their parents rather than themselves. “I was just bawling,” she says.

Mossor’s latest bright idea is to help veterinary professionals suffering one way or another due to the pandemic. Veterinary technicians and front office staff may be unemployed or working far fewer hours and now without benefits, and a family member has become ill. With suicide a significant problem in the profession, there are some instances of spouses being left behind.

There are lots of local individual efforts in the profession and go-fund me-type pages, but there is no profession-wide effort to provide a safety net. That is why Mossor (with veterinary technician colleagues Lily Preston of North Carolina and Crystal Vaquera of Nevada) launched the Facebook page, Veterinary Industry Giving Tree (

“There are so many people in the profession who are working and every day they give it their all to help the animals we love, but then they return to their homes with some significant financial problem of their own to deal with – and they need help.”

People can ask for help or what has been happening most often is that a colleague nominates that person in need. So far, there are 40 individuals Mossor and her team hopes to provide financial help for.

Rather than accepting cash or checks, the idea is to send a gift card from Amazon, WalMart, Target or Visa to [email protected].

Mossor launched their Facebook page October 22 and the effort ends November 25. The goal is to provide help for people by Christmas, Mossor says that as of today, she’s raised approximately $2,000 but is hoping for much more

Even if people may receive, say $100 – and that’s not huge. “Sure, I want to help more people and raise more money,” says Mossor. “But I also think even a little bit of help makes some difference which is better than no difference at all.”

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