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Veterinary Professionals and Vet Techs/Nurses Oppose Illinois Bills


Unbelievable – but not surprising….How those in favor of two proposed Illinois bills ultimately supporting puppy mills, are ramping it up – spending bucks (which could have gone to save animals instead – how about that concept?) to insure pet stores in Illinois have the right to sell dogs and cats without interference. Illinois – in fact – would have the weakest animal protection law in the nation in regards to pet stores if these laws are passed (which would also overturn laws/ordinances already passed in Chicago, Waukegan, Warrenville and Cook County).

Your voice does need to be heard – and not only the choir I typically preach to – but spread the word to other pet owners.

Those in support of Illinois House Bill  1882 and Illinois Senate Bill 2824 include the Illinois Veterinary Medical Association. I don’t personally understand their support, but their membership doesn’t appear to completely agree with their association. Here’s a statement from the Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills:

Pet expert Steve Dale writes about NAVTA and VPAPM opposition to proposed Illinois Laws

‘13 March 2017

Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills (VPAPM) strongly opposes the passage of Illinois Senate Bill 1882 and Illinois House Bill 2824 for the following reasons:

No effort to undo the hard-won legal restrictions on puppy mills should be allowed.  No ethical breeders sell their animals through pet stores; only millers who mass-produce animals in unsafe, unsanitary, inhumane conditions do.  The puppies (similarly kittens and rabbits) from such conditions are much more likely to be unhealthy than puppies raised by conscientious, humane breeders. 

The State of Illinois has an obligation to protect its consumers from unknowingly acquiring unhealthy pets.  Similarly, the State and its citizens have a moral obligation to disallow animals to be raised in substandard conditions. 

We respectfully request that Illinois Senate Bill 1882 and House Bill 2824 be defeated.

On behalf of VPAPM,

Jane Lohmar, DVM

Cofounder, Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills

Owner, Family Pet Animal Hospital

1401 W. Webster Ave.

Chicago, IL  60614

[email protected]

Of course, no surprise by me – the amazing veterinary technicians/nurses are quite passionate about this topic. And the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America is absolutely opposed to the Illinois proposed bills. Here is their statement:

Pet expert Steve Dale writes about NAVTA and VPAPM opposition to proposed Illinois Laws

March 14th, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) opposes any bill which prevent

limits on communities banning sales of dogs and cats at pet stores, including Illinois House Bill 2824 and

Senate Bill 1882,

NAVTA is the national organization representing over 15,000 veterinary technicians/nurses.

NAVTA and our members are absolutely opposed to puppy mills. Dogs and cats sold at pet stores are never

from responsible breeders, and often sourced from the mills.

NAVTA isn’t only concerned about the dogs and cats sold at the stores but also the animals at the mills

which breed those sold at pet stores, which pet owners never see.

Also, NAVTA is concerned about the dogs and cats sold at pet stores being represented for what they really

are, which historically not the case.


Julie Legred, CVT

Executive Director of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America

PO Box 1227

Albert Lea, MN 56007

A Chicago Tribune editorial did an excellent job of laying out the facts, and they are also opposed, suggesting these laws would put puppy mills back in business in pet stores, where restrictions have been mandated on pet store sales.

The group behind this puppy mill supporting bills is a coalition that interestingly calls itself the Illinois Pet Lover’s Association (IPLA), as if that adoring name will fool people. They’ve apparently, so far, fooled some legislators, who I believe truly feel they signed on to a good bill.

Aside from the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, proponents include the American Kennel Club.

Read the AKC explanation of support here – it’s quite astounding.

Also, the pet store industry’s Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, and the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs & Owners, and I have reason to believe other players who benefit from pet stores that sell dogs and cats.

Please help – and it’s important that your voice is heard.  A hearing is tentatively scheduled for March 15, Wednesday.

  • If you live in Illinois, contact your state congressmen in the Senate and House of Representatives, and express that you care about this issue.
  • Join the Facebook page Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills (whether you live in Illinois or not, no matter what you happen to do for a living).
  • If you are a veterinary professional in Illinois, clearly express your concerns with the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. I suggest the state association is hardly representing their membership.
  • If you are a pet owner in Illinois, clearly express your concerns with your veterinarian. It’s likely your veterinarian has no clue this is happening. Also, post on your veterinarian’s Facebook page.
  • Share this post on your own social channels.
  • If you live in Chicago, contact your Alderman (also contact your Alderman if you know of any pet stores—and there are some—that are ignoring the ban on sales of dogs and cats).

Without voicing our concerns, money may push this through. So, please continue to demonstrate your opposition:

HB2824 Witness Slip

SB1882 Witness Slip

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