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WGN Radio Petcast: Psychic Stuff from Sonya Fitzpatrick on What Cats Really Think; Chicago Canine Rescue Mutt Strutt and Fleas


WGN Radio Petcast, Steve Dale’s Pet World, click HERE to listen (may take a few moments to load)

Help Chicago Canine Rescue to build their future, as they raise funds in their 8th annual Mutt Strutt, October 8 in Wrigleyville, starting on Newport Ave. between Southport and Lakewood at noon. Several media types will be there, though I am honored to be the event’s ‘Top Dog’ with wonderful  Melisssa Forman with You & Me, WCIU-TV.

Candace Canty of CCR says it’s over 3,000 dog and cat lives saved — so far — and counting. CCR specializes in dogs that may otherwise be euthanized to no fault of their own – dogs with minor medical needs, older dogs or simply dogs previously passed by for no good reason. You can help by taking a walk with your dog.

Who knows what our cats are really thinking? If anyone does, it must be animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick. You may remember Sonya from her Animal Planet show of a couple of years ago, or her books about reading pets’ minds. Sonya could have read my mind . . . well, that wouldn’t take long enough for an interview — there’s not much in there. Sonya explains how it is she able to “talk to the animals.” Instead, she conducted a very different type of survey – asking cats what they really want. Finally, we find out.

In this week’s Real People, Real Pets segment – I ask about your pets’ favorite treats.

If I ask, ‘Who wants fleas? . . . few in the class will raise their hands. Yet it happens, in part, because we don’t understand the flea life cycle. So, Dr. Lisa Young of Elanco Animal Health enlightens us with a bit of flea education.

Email question of the week is about an older cat: Email your questions to [email protected]

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