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Winn Feline FIP Symposium: Special Issue Bridge Club


Brenda Andresen and Catherine Haskins founded The Bridge Club to banter about a wide variety of issues in veterinary medicine, and to celebrate the profession, veterinary news or just about anything they can find an excuse to toast. Clearly, they are all about celebrating and connecting people together. In this special issue, the celebration is all about what we’ve learned about feline infectious peritonitis or FIP in cats, and the huge advances made over just the past few years, mostly funded by the Winn Feline Foundation, and the Winn Feline Symposium PURRsuing FIP and WINNing.

Banter is what we do with immediate past Winn Feline President Dr. Glenn Olah; Winn executive director Julie Legred and myself. There is actually a treatment for FIP today, the problem is those drugs aren’t yet available in the U.S. The good news may be they are available through China. But is that really good news> Do the counterfeit drugs work?  Now, FIP should be easier to diagnose. Is there more FIP?  Well maybe there is. But why?  New info regarding the chances of FIP being vaccinatable or not. There are more questions than answers – these are only a few. And Olah says the idea will be to create consensus statements.

ALL are welcome to attend the Symposium November 16-17 at the University of California Davis. You can be there is person, or attend virtually. Even if you can not attend, you can ask a question to be brought up at the Symposium just email [email protected]

Dr. Niels Pedersen, from the University of California at Davis, who literally authored what is likely the first book on infectious disease in cats, and has studied FIP longer than anyone, will kick off the event on November 16. Also, drug development will be presented Dr. Dave Bruyette, chief medical officer Anivive Lifesciences.

On  November 17, Susan Gingrich, who launched the Bria Fund in 2005 with the Winn Feline Foundation – and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, will speak. Aly Miller, an actor and producer in the award-winning short feature Aeris will talk about the movie featuring her kitty with FIP (and all attending in-person will receive a copy of Aeris).

Instead of individual speakers, the event will include lively panel discussions. Among those participating in those discussions from around the globe are: Dr. Emi Barker Dr. Gregg Dean Dr. Katrin Hartmann, Dr. Yungeong Kim Dr. Al Legendre Dr. Brian Murphy, Dr. Gary Whittaker, Dr. Glenn Olah, Peter Cohen, Deb Roberts, Dr. Gregg Dean, Anthony Hutcherson, Dr. Heather Kennedy Dr. Kate Hurley Katie Ingram and Dr. Barbie Laderman-Jones. This is a who’s who of the FIP world. Moderators include feline geneticist Dr. Leslie Lyons, feline veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, former Winn Feline executive director and board member Dr. Vicki Thayer, and Winn Feline Board President Dr. Drew Weigner. I will be the emcee they Symposium with Legred.

Here is why FIP is personal to me.

Register to attend in person (while tickets last) or attend online, via your tablet, phone or computer.

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