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Winn Feline Foundation President on FIP Symposium


Winn Feline Foundation President Dr. Drew Weigner talks on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about Pursuing FIP and WINNing: A Winn Feline Foundation Symposium, November 16-17 at University of California Davis.

Dr. Drew Weigner

Winn Feline is a non-profit that funds cat health studies, and has focused on supporting FIP research for decades, most recently through the Bria Fund.

Weigner comments that he never would have guessed – even a few years ago – that we could ever be on the verge of solving feline infectious peritonitis or FIP. “It’s taken nearly all my lifetime to get to this point,” he says.

Weigner explains what FIP is, and which cats appear to be most susceptible.  And actually we are likely seeing more FIP.

And because FIP mostly happens to kittens, it’s especially heartbreaking.

Are the new drugs actually curing kittens? Weigner explains and talks about the kind of drugs which may work.

While this not Winn Feline’s first FIP Symposium, it’s by far the largest and most significant.

Legendary researcher Dr. Niels Pedersen of UC Davis will kick off the event. Mostly the Symposium will consist of discussions held in a round-table format, and will feature audience interaction, both the audience streaming and those in attendance can chime in and comment or ask questions. A list of participants is found HERE.

If you can’t attend in person, the live stream is available.

Here’s how you can register to be there in person or virtually

Questions discussed will include:

  • Why there is arguably more FIP occurring now than in the past
  • The role (if there is one) of increased fostering of kittens is associated with  more reports of FIP
  • The efficacy of the drugs, GS-441524 and GC376 and most common adverse effects.
  • The timetable for FDA drug approval, if there is one
  • The likely cost of drugs to treat FIP in the U.S.
  • How GS-441524 and GC376 are being purchased online from China, and their effectiveness. Is it worth the cost to purchase online from China? What is the safety profile of counterfeit drugs from China?
  • Can FIP ever be vaccinated?
  • Can certain types of cat litters lessen the chances of transmission?
  • Are there any other viable treatment options for FIP? Some treatments are touted. Do any of these truly work?
  • What can cat breeders do to lessen the odds or even avoid FIP?
  • Does FIP continue to be misdiagnosed? If so, how can veterinary processionals do a better job?
  • Say your cat is diagnosed with FIP? What are your best first steps to take?
  • What is the latest thinking regarding a possible genetic predisposition? If so, is this a genetic issue based on breed, a family genetic issue or potentially both?

Panel moderators are:

Geneticist and the individual responsible for nearly all we know about the feline genome, Dr. Leslie Lyons, professor of Comparative Medicine at the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the University of Missouri representing World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

Feline practitioner Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, representing the American Association of Feline Practitioners

And representing Winn Feline current, Winn Board President and feline practitioner Weigner and also Dr. Vicki Thayer.

If you have questions want to submit to the experts, send them to [email protected] and your questions may be chosen and asked at the Symposium.


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