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Without a Mask: Worried About Spreading COVID-19 to The Dog


Am walking Hazel, our 9 1/2-lb. little dog in the neighborhood. A 40sh-year old woman stops me to say, “Your dog is so cute. I would pet your dog but I don’t want to risk giving her COVID.”

I reply, “Thank you – but how about me?”

She looks perplexed, as I back up a couple of steps. “You see, you’re not wearing a mask,” I point out. “Dogs are very unlikely to get COVID, even if they live with someone who has it. And even then – this is so incredibly rare; it pretty much never happens. People carrying COVID give others COVID every day, and wearing a mask – which you’re not – diminishes that risk a great deal.”

“You really believe that?” she says.

Astonished by her reply, I say, “Science. I absolutely believe – kind of because it’s fact. Glad you’re worried about my dog. Thank you. But that worry is misplaced. I am worried about me, and about you. Have a good day.” As I quickly walk away.

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