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WLS 890-AM Podcast with Bob and Betty Sanders, Choosing the Right Pet for You and Pets Affected by Oil Spill


All in one WLS 890-AM Steve Dale’s Pet World Podcast

Bob and Betty Sanders Radio Comeback:
I’ve been lucky enough to work with SO many greats, like Bob and Betty Sanders. They should be in the Museum of Broadcast Communications Hall of Fame.

I love Bob and Betty, who doesn’t? This is the cover of their 1977 book

I was their producer at the old WCFL Radio, and created a daily feature called “All About Animals.” We even won an national award from the Animal Protection Institute for our efforts. It’s been years since B & B have appeared on the radio. I am proud to have them on this podcast. Betty was a trail-blazer for women, and they are two of nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in radio.

Liz Palika’s – the Right Pet For You
In an upcoming USA Weekend story, I write about choosing the right starter pet – a pet with training wheels is how I put it. Liz Palika is incredible – she knows as much about Leopard Geckos as she knows about Australian Shepherds. So, what is the perfect first pet? Listen to find out.

Liz Palika’s “Puppy Love”

Pets Die As a Result of Oil Spill
At another radio station – at
another time – I held a benefit to help the LA SPCA which needed to
rebuild after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their facility. It seems they
just can’t get a break. This time, Ana Zorilla of the Louisiana SPCA says the oil spill has actually caused people to give up their pets. She explains in my interview.

Click below for more images of legendary Bob and Betty Sanders:

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